Who has time?

It’s 2012 and there’s absolutely no reason you should need to call your process serving company to get status updates on your cases. Ain’t nobody got time for that! We do everything on line now… from searching for a new home to simply ordering a pizza (you can now even track the progress of your pie online from start to finish).

Working with a process serving company that keeps you abreast in real time via automated email status updates just makes sense. It keeps you and your clients in the loop, moves your cases along quicker and saves you valuable time.

The service attempt details contained in these emails make you an integral part of the process. For example, say you receive an email in the morning that states that a service attempt was made the night before and the house looked vacant, trashcans were empty, and the neighbors said they hadn’t seen the residents in weeks. At that point you can simply email back an alternate address, additional instructions, etc. so that the server can attempt elsewhere. It’s quick and efficient and avoids the annoyance and delay of expiring papers and the necessity of reissuance. Ain’t nobody got time for that!

What’s more, when service is achieved you will, once again, receive an automated email with the precise language to be used in the proposed affidavit. In that way, you will be able to amend, edit or approve such language BEFORE the process server signs the affidavit. This simple step may prevent what could be a questionable affidavit or scrutiny from the court or a challenged serve by
opposing counsel.

The bottom line is your process serving company is an often-overlooked important cog in the wheel and should be your partner in achieving the goal of expedited service coupled with unquestionable integrity. It’s de rigueur that on every attempt (be it the first or tenth) and upon perfection of service an automated email should be received by you for your review and comment. Nothing short of that should be acceptable.

Now go, sit back, relax, order that pizza and watch it being made from the comfort of your laptop…. Cause ain’t nobody got time to be calling their process serving company for updates.

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